LeJu Ethical

                                    Our Story  

Founded by Lenny Trines and Juan Munoz, LeJu grew from the jewellery Lenny designed whilst travelling across the ever changing landscapes of South America in 2005. Inspired by the elements and contrasting colours of nature, Lenny and her designers team work alongside Colombian artisans to create unique and wearable pieces to style and stack. 

Juan Munoz is the business side of LeJu and is responsible for the global management of the company.  He works with LeJu’s ever-growing list of worldwide buyers, manages the accounts, and carefully selects which trade shows LeJu will participate in. Juan came to England in 1990, and earned a degree in Business Information Technology from the University of Westminster. He worked as a telecoms engineer for 4 years and then set off to rediscover his home continent of South America in search for unique products that he could take back to Europe.

Our jewellery resembles color, imagination, happiness, freedom and originality.

 LeJu Ethical

Every collection LeJu creates is inspired by nature and landscapes, by the cities, villages and people from across the enchanting country of Colombia, and by the artisans who, for many years, have kept alive the traditional techniques applied to each and every one of our pieces.

The beautiful and meaningful products which are hand made in these parts of Colombia are testament to the hard work of these artisans and their determination to pass on this valuable know-how from one generation to the next. Working with these inspiring people to make our jewellery is a fundamental part of LeJu's mission, promoting their cultures, ideologies and skills in each one of our collections.

LeJu has a deep respect for the planet's natural resources and for those involved in making our jewellery, forming the foundation of our values. We are fast becoming a leader in ethical and sustainable jewellery; our stylish designs are already attracting the attention of fashion editors, celebrities and consumers alike, who demand that their accessories not only have a limited impact on, but also make a positive difference to the planet.